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The Cheong Kyum Hapkido Federation is recognized as the current official organism that teaches Traditional Hapkido in America. The CKWF America is the official authority in the field of this martial arts in America.

Why join CKWF?

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Cheong Kyum Hapkido World Federation is an official body Regent for the teaching of the traditional Hapkido in America.The “CKWF” is the official authority in the field of martial arts in America.

The “CHEONG KYUM HAPKIDO WORLD FEDERATION” provides leadership in the professional teaching of the traditional Hapkido as a Korean martial art.The “CKWF” has the most advanced and sophisticated techniques and skills, and provide ongoing technical support to all their members.

The “CKWF” will grow without limitations and will provide consistent leadership and technical training; we are highly qualified and trained with highly skilled masters. The “CKWF” encourages all martial artists to join our prestigious organization. It is time to reconnect with our roots in martial arts, and Korea.

The CKWF America is a global Organization, opened for anyone who wants to study the traditional Hapkido and offers permanent safety, legitimacy and leadership to all its members.

How to join CKWF:

In order to be able to process the membership as a black belt or as a student of the Cheong Kyum Kwan, the following rules must be followed.

  • If you wish to belong to Cheong Kyum Kwan, you must pay the membership fees without distinction of city.
  • With this fee you will receive: Certificate of Membership, which accredits you as a member of the Cheong Kyum World Federation, Patch to be worn in uniform and Copy of Lineage.
  • If you want to enroll your school or organization before the Cheong Kyum Kwan in Korea you will have to pay a membership fee of USD $600 and apply for membership through the Director for America, which will be for life.
  • When you are a member of the Cheong Kyum Kwan You cannot belong to another Kwan or Hapkido World Federation at the same time.
  • When you are a member of the Cheong Kyum Kwan, you will only be able to teach the Hapkido techniques of this Kwan.
  • If you wish to change or add a new technique, you must have the permission of the Kwan Founder, the Grand Master or the Master Director for America.
  • You cannot grant certificates in your own name.
  • Your students must take the degree examination only on the stipulated dates by the Cheong Kyum World Federation.
  • This membership entitles you to attend special classes for black belts or seminars carried nationwide.
  • The master representative for Cheong Kyum World Federation in each country may designate regional coordinators if he deems it appropriate.
  • Any request to the Cheong Kyum World Federation must preserve the regular conduit.
  • Disregard of any of these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the Cheong Kyum World Federation.
  • If at any point you decide to leave Cheong Kyum Kwan, membership fees are non-refundable.
  • At least one seminar should be organized or attended at the International level for technical supervision

Benefits of a School Membership

The CKWF currently has headquarters in Korea, Singapour, Russia, Malasia, U.S.A, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

Affiliated schools have the privilege of inviting the CHEONG KYUM WORLD FEDERATION Directives to their countries.
Affiliated schools have the privilege of inviting teachers and other members.
Students from affiliated schools will be allowed to participate in numerous international events held in each CKWF associated country.
Students from affiliated schools will be allowed to visit and practice at any of the allied schools in Korea

Types of Certificates issued:

  • Certificate of Dan
  • Certificate of affiliation by School
  • Certificate of Appointment As Director of CKWF in the associated country
  • CKWF Teacher Certification
  • Certification of Head of Teachers of the CKWF
  • CKWF Grand Master Certification

Benefits of an Individual Membership

Nowadays the countries associated to the CKWF have the official acknowledgement of affiliated schools. As consequence the managing members, masters, professors and students are recognized and endorsed into their respective degrees.
They are also backed up by the international organization: continuing with the progress, evolution, development, and spreading of traditional Hapkido through the Cheong Kyum Hapkido World Federation.

Individual membership in the CHEONG KYUM WORLD FEDERATION applies only to black belts, who wish to have their ranks officially recognized by the Korean government through the CHEONG KYUM HAPKIDO WORLD FEDERATION.
Members can participate in the numerous international events that are held annually in associated countries.
Members will receive official certificates.
Members will have the privilege of practicing at any of our allied schools in Korea.
Members will be allowed to use the official name and logo, given a prior written authorization.
Members will be allowed to attend black belt seminars held twice a year in Korea.
Members can obtain personalized assistance from our Technical Committee regarding technical queries