Here are some of the frequent questions that we get:

Do you want to know more?

Feel free to contact us any time

You can do this at any time and directly with any of each of the country´s representatives, we invite you to request information and the registration form either via email or through the contact link of our websites.

Yes, that is one of our main characteristics. The CKWF provides permanent technical support and continuous training for its members, you can read the pertinent information on our page of programs and services.

In the event that your organization is interested in signing an agreement, we offer the possibility of join the CKWF without learning CKWF techniques, an external organization can keep their Kwan or school emblem and use it in the official CKWF uniforms. We will be happy to assist you with the proper procedure. To start we invite you to visit the following link to CKWF.

The simple and honest determination to learn is all you need to learn at Hapkido CKWF. There is no required purchase as we do not sell anything in that regard. Historically what you need to learn HAPKIDO is a master and your intention to learn.

The traditional uniform for the practice of Hapkido (Dobok) is required. It has three basic components; a traditional style wrap around tie top (jacket), pants and a belt; In our organization the official uniforms are provided as students sign in.

Hapkido is not a sport. It is a traditional martial art designed for personal defense so that each student fully develops the proper technique within the continuous practice and learning. In case you want to practice martial arts from the sporting, competitive point of view, there is a number of different disciplines to choose from; Judo , Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, or Mixed Martial Arts. However many academies promote it as a sport but it is not ideal because it restricts the application of appropriate defense techniques proper to this art.

In our organization, the ideal is to begin the Hapkido formation from the age of 8, however before the growing demand of children who wish to enter the practice of Hapkido, CKWF has developed special programs for younger children, from 4 to 7 years, in which psychomotricityplays a prominent role without focusing on the direct practice of Hapkido techniques.

Practicing our Hapkido line does not include teaching figures, there are some Hapkido organizations that do, but the CKWF does not include them in our training program.

CKWF as an organization is in charge of spreading Hapkido as a traditional martial art, and teaching the traditional weapons of this art: Long Staff, Medium staff, Short Staff, Curved cane, Sword, Belt, Rope and Knife, among others.