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Etiquette inside the Dojang

These are the rules of etiquette that should be followed for optimal participation inside the Dojang:

1.When entering and leaving the Dojang, show your respect to the training site by doing a bow towards the banners of the hall.
2.The established training time must be strictly obeyed. Do not be late.
3.Watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets or any other type of jewelry should NOT be worn inside the Dojang during training.
4.A forty-five (45º) degree tilt (bow) should be made from the waist up towards the teacher or senior person, with both hands on the “Tancheon” front and looking at the tip of the toes.
5.The master or senior person should return this gesture with an inclination of fifteen degrees (15 °), executed in the same way.
6.Always keep a clean appearance and especially when wearing the Dobok, do not roll the sleeves up, the belt should be straight and well tied with the end hangers of equal length, the chest should not be visible and, when necessary, You should adjust your Dobok, turning your back to the Master, the banners of the training room, and the other students.
7.As you stand in formation, upper-level students are always located to the right and young students to the left.
8.Technical practice begins with the oldest student and technical instruction begins with the less experienced student.
9.Only great teachers, Masters or instructors can stand on the trainning mat.
10.Do not touch the weapons of the racks placed in the Dojang, unless you have received the weapon directly from the Master or after receiving permission directly from the Master.
11.There should be no cursing, no vulgarity, singing, whistling or laughter in the presence of the Master or at any time within the Dojang.
12.All training items (weapons, kicking pads, mats, etc.) must be returned to their proper places after use.
13.Do not lie in the Dojang unless instructed during training.
14.There should be no food, drinks (other than water), candy or gum are not allowed in the Dojang.
15.Always maintain a good, respectful, modest, sincere, positive, focused attitude while performing the training in the Dojang.

Motto of Hapkido CKA

This is the motto of the Cheong Kyum Association and describes the CKA world-wide intention and the way of Hapkido not only contributes to the formation of martial artists, but also to the integral formation of the person who practices this martial art who is also a Member of our organization.



“Cheong Kyum een malkun cheongshin kwa kyeom son han ma um ul kat neun saram ee twae ja”


Let us strive for being modest and clear people, as members of (the) Cheong Kyum!